Duan is a first year Master student at BUPT, major in Computer Vision, Few Shot Learning, GAN

Open Source Projects

  • Few-shot-Playground - PyTorch’s few-shot method implementated for the latest method. (under construction)


QA for Few-Shot

  1. I am new for few-shot, can u briefly describe how do few-shot model works and why it is few-shot despite it trained by a large dataset? This question is a very interesting, however very fundamentral question. In general, differ from traditional image-classification model, few-shot model learn the ability to generalize how to classifiy between the classes, so they can correctly classify the unseen classes with a few samples. More details you can see in one of my blogs here.

  2. SOTA data? Most method are compare on the mini-imagenet, Prototypical Network, Relation Network these classic method with 4 layer of simple Conv can achieve about 65 ~ 68% Top1 acc. Recent years, lots of new work change the backbone to Resnet 34 and Prototypical Network can achieve 74% with ResNet34. This must be emphasis, because many papers didn’t mention it, so they will lead to some mis-understand, such as GNN or some novel method improved 10 per or even 15 per acc.



  1. 第三季8场 (CV) AI ML Club 活动纪要 September 29, 2019
  2. 第二季19场 AI ML Club 活动纪要 July 21, 2019
  3. 第二季第11场 AI ML Club 活动纪要 May 27, 2019
  4. 第二季第七次CAIC沙龙活动纪要 April 13, 2019
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